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Interactive InsurTech map records large influx of startups

After only one year, the number of start-ups that have registered their profile on Europe's first InsurTech map has doubled
The highest representation of start-ups come from Germany (135), Switzerland (54), Austria (12) and Liechtenstein (3)
Technology focus at 71 percent on process digitization/automation/ robotics

Zurich, 12. April 2022 - One year ago, the InsurTech Map was launched in the DACH region as a virtual map to make innovative insurance solutions from startups more visible. In just 12 months, the map grew from 100 company profiles to nearly 200. The map is intended to act as a guide for companies and investors looking for innovative startups in the InsurTech sector. Initiators are the House of InsurTech Switzerland (HITS), F10 and the global open innovation platform Kickstart Innovation.

To this date, there is hardly any reliable and accessible data as well as information about startups in the InsurTech sector. In a clear presentation, the startups are divided into value chains, business areas and technologies, which can be searched for using filters based on demand. The largest technology offering is currently in the area of process digitization/automatization/robotics. Almost two-thirds of the startups have their focus here. In second place with 22 percent is analytics/AI as well as IoT and DLT solutions, which are used for blockchain, for example.

A country-specific analysis shows that process digitization accounts for the majority of startups in Austria and Germany with 67 and 78 percent, respectively. In Switzerland, this share is significantly lower at 54 percent. Instead, a stronger diversification can be seen with higher shares of analytics/AI startups as well as IoT and DLT technology focus.

Switzerland's largest online bank "Swissquote" has announced that it will develop its own trading platform for digital currencies by the end of the first half of 2022. The Swiss have always been world leaders not only in the classic money business. The country, which is going its own way in Europe, is also a leader in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This initiative is sponsored by Generali, Swiss Life Labs and Innopeaks. The InsurTech ecosystem is expected to grow further in 2022. Sponsors have the opportunity to become part of this initiative and can contact the initiators if interested.

Startups that are not yet on the list can sign up for the next release here. The map will be updated quarterly.

House of Insurtech Switzerland AG (HITS) is the subsidiary of Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. and operates as an independent AG since 01.12.2019. HITS is an InsurTech hub based in Zurich, where startups can work together on customer-centric solutions for companies. With early-stage investors and partners from the InsurTech industry as well as universities, it creates a perfect environment to turn innovation into action.

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with hubs in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid and Barcelona. With its incubation and acceleration programs in FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and DeepTech, F10 supports and guides startups in transforming their ideas into successful businesses and fosters collaboration with international organizations.

Kickstart is one of Europe's largest ecosystem innovation platforms, running a scaleup program for high-growth startups with the goal of accelerating deep tech innovation in Switzerland and beyond. Kickstart's mission is to build bridges and bring together different organizations such as scaleups, companies, cities, foundations and universities and has built over 170 deals in the form of partnerships to date.


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2022 InsurTech Map Anniversary (EN)
Download PDF • 88KB

2022 InsurTech Map Anniversary (DE)
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18 Apr 2024


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