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Finance & Insurance

Based in one of the world’s leading financial cities, Kickstart is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in the finance and insurance sector.

Food &

Disruptive solutions tackling challenges in the Food and Retail sector to create positive impact on the current climate and health crises.

Health & Wellbeing

Innovative solutions that feed Switzerland's dynamic and rapidly developing startup landscape in the digital health sector.



We encourage, select and coach intrapreneurship teams of our partner companies to grow from prototype to a scaled solution.

New Work & Learning

Tackling the shifts that are influencing organizational work and the new cultures of learning by enabling innovative solutions and industry leaders for sustainable development.



Sustainable urbanization is key to successful development. Kickstart works to advance smart technology of businesses and cities.

New Work & Learning

The impact of new technologies like AI and rapid changes to the labor market has shifted the way organizations need to manage their workforce and ways of working. By 2025, over 50% of tasks will be automated, and 133 million new roles will be created. It is estimated that 1 billion people will have to be reskilled by 2030.


The New Work & Learning Vertical wants to shape the future of workplace engagement with its partners, to enable collaborative solutions for reskilling and upskilling organizations. Our mission is to work with startups and entrepreneurs who want to create opportunities for products and services to have a meaningful impact at scale. We want to empower organizations to become sustainable and future-proof for the continuous paradigm shifts in the way we work.

Collaboration areas

New Ways of Working

Human Resources

Corporate & Lifelong Learning

Vertical partners

ETH Zurich
La Mobilière

Vertical board

Brigitte Lawler

Brigitte Lawler



Herbert Sablotny

Herbert Sablotny



Sylvestre Lucia

Sylvestre Lucia



Your team

Anikó Ivanics

Anikó Ivanics

Senior Program Manager

Andrea Bianchi

Andrea Bianchi

Program Manager




Case studies

PostFinance created a digital coaching program on the Cognician platform

PostFinance and Cognician’s PoC produced exciting results in helping learners reach predefined program learning outcomes. Agile collaboration was key in activating learners’ commitment and planning, to ensure they got maximum value from this blended learning solution. Read the case study here

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