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Team sprints

At the start of a new project, experiencing a roadblock or fork in your team or you’ve just uncovered new insights to leverage? Team sprints are a way to efficiently design, test and develop a proposed solution to your business problem with a customer-centric mindset. Based on a highly structured, time-boxed approach developed by Google Ventures, we provide business value by helping your teams quickly test hypotheses and tackle specific strategic business questions.

Our offer

We organize and lead you through sprints with a strong focus on hands-on work and team dynamics. The standard format is a five-day process, which we split or shorten on your request. Depending on your goal, we complete the interdisciplinary setup by people from our innovation ecosystem to best deliver results.




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To help our 300+ alumni startups achieve their missions, we manage a large open innovation community of experts and advisors. Become part of this group of individuals that come together to share ideas, knowledge, and resources to solve problems and create new opportunities

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