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Kickstart Academy

The Kickstart Academy is all about creating an innovation funnel for your company while enabling and engaging your employees along the way. We support you in transforming your company into an ever-evolving business that faces the fast-paced changes of today. Discovering new business opportunities, and talents that drive change from within is what it is all about.

We help you to create an innovation funnel starting with large-scale hackathons to create a variety of bottom-up innovation ideas. The best ones will be validated further in sprint workshops and winner teams eventually be able to attend our Kickstart Intrapreneurship Program. The Intrapreneurship Program is a 10-week process that will give the final kick to start a sustainable venture. Aside from this, every attendee will learn how to collaborate effectively throughout any innovative project. They will get to know tools, methodologies, and create a mindset for change.

Intrapreneurship program

Kickstart Innovation is one of Europe's largest open innovation platforms. With the intrapreneurship program, we do not only support startups, but focus on internal innovation, too. Within 10 weeks, we offer 100 events, such as workshops, trainings, and fireside chats to get your intrapreneur teams going. Besides this, each team is accompanied by a designated advisor, profits from an extensive network of experts, and other intrapreneurship teams that will grow into a community for change over the course of the program.


Innovation is risky, and in the early stages, good and bad ideas are hard to distinguish. So the worst thing to do is to start innovating with only one idea. Our hackathons leverage the combined swarm intelligence of your staff and create a variety of possible innovation ideas. Our hackathons are fast-paced, highly structured, and fun multi-team sprints. After just 3 days, the first validation steps are done and your management jury can decide which ideas to further develop. Besides this, the attendees learn how to collaborate better, enjoy the external event and go back to day 2-day work with a boost of motivation and some great stories to tell.

Team sprints

Internal processes are often designed to deliver new core products & services, not to validate new terrain. Team sprints build on market leader best practices on how to validate ideas quickly aside from internal processes. Within just 3-4 days, you understand, design, and prototype your ideas and even get feedback from potential users that helps to iterate or pivot. When you reached product-market fit, the idea will be clear and safe enough to be developed within your structure.

Expert sessions

We help you to get outside in view of your projects. Keeping novelties in focus is hard when bound into day-to-day routine. Innovation usually also leads to resistance. Learning on how to minimize it and use the energy to create a positive mood is key to successful change insight any business.

Our mentors help to get a better understanding of how to handle your innovation projects when it comes to processing best practices. Besides this, our extensive network of experts helps with a deep understanding of a variety of topics throughout all our verticals.

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Program Manager

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Intrapreneurship Expert

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