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Discover the latest news and press coverage from Kickstart. Follow up on our media releases,  announcements, partnerships, launches and press inquiries to see more about what’s happening in our community and how we make it happen.


We offer over 500 ​articles and media mentions including ​Forbes, Guardian, Bloomberg, Financial Times, SRF, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Handelszeitung, Le Temps, RSI and over 100k website page visitors annually plus a social media reach of 3+ million annually across all channels.

Media mentions


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Start-ups setzen auf KI und Nachhaltigkeit für neue Partnerschaften


Les startups s’appuient essentiellement sur l’IA pour leurs modèles d’affaires


Kickstart: Die Börse für Partnerschaften zwischen Firmen und Start-ups


Kickstart Innovationsprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf Nachhaltigkeit und Kreislaufwirtschaft gestartet


Kickstart lance son 8ème programme d’innovation en mettant un accent particulier sur la durabilité et l’économie circulaire, réunissant plus de 40 acteurs publics et privés en Suisse


8. Kickstart Innovationsprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf Nachhaltigkeit und Kreislaufwirtschaft


Ineffiziente Materialnutzung und ein hoher CO2-Fussabdruck: Schweizer Wirtschaft nur zu 6,9 % zirkulär.


La première étude Circularity Gap Report de Suisse.


Le pôle de nouveaux emplois prend forme à Beaulieu


Kickstart and Climate Lab are launching a pilot project with Atos and Wien Energie


Der Schweiz fehlen 40 000 Cyber-Spezialisten


Sustainable solutions to strengthen the Swiss circular economy - that's how it works


Deep Longevity Selected by Kickstart as One of the Most Promising Start-ups in the World


Kickstart announces 43 Scaleup Finalists for its 2022 Cohort


Global Innovation Platform Kickstart Launches New Application Round For Startups


InsurTech-Map: 78% of German InsurTechs in the field of process digitization


Finanzindustrie: Hier liegt der Schlüssel zu Innovationen


Je ne suis pas devenue CEO parce que je suis une femme


Über 170 Insurtechs aus dem DACH-Raum in einer Map

Selected publications

Circularity Gap Report Switzerland

Switzerland is a trendsetter when it comes to environmental action: it has decarbonised its electricity sector and is among the world’s best recyclers of municipal solid waste. It also boasts ambitious climate targets, while the canton of Zurich has enshrined the circular economy in its constitution.

However, the country’s consumption is too high—surpassing what our planet can sustain. By transitioning to a circular economy, Switzerland can cut its material use by 33% and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43%, shaping a truly sustainable system. The Circularity Gap Report Switzerland lights the way.

Swiss Angel Investors Handbook

The first comprehensive 101 of best practices for new angel investors in the Swiss startup ecosystem. Written by Thomas Dübendorfer, published by SICTIC and free to download! If you want to invest into a Swiss technology startup and you don’t know where to start, then this book is just perfect for you!

Ecosystem Innovation

In this book, Kickstart experts talk about the central aspects of ecosystem innovation. Here, we draw significantly from the experiences, best practices and failures of the Kickstart Program. However, you will also find articles beyond Kickstart inspired by corporates, startups, consultants and academia. Some articles are personal accounts, others are rigorously researched pieces.

Kickstarting Collaboration

Download our book to get insights into both the startup and the corporate world, we have witnessed, participated in, enabled and led hundreds of collaborative projects between startups and corporates. This book draws from these experiences, building on research from ETH Zurich and University of St.Gallen, case studies from Kickstart to provide hands-on recommendations for partnering between startups and large organizations.

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