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Circular Economy Initiative

In the face of mounting environmental and economic pressures, the circular economy presents a compelling and tangible paradigm shift for businesses seeking a more sustainable and resilient commercial future.

Our initiative acts as a catalyst for transformation, fostering connections between established organizations grappling with complex circular economy challenges and innovative startups pioneering groundbreaking solutions.

This initiative aims to expedite the identification and implementation of proven circular economy practices, seamlessly integrating them into the long-term strategies of participating organizations. We invite Swiss and international organizations to join us in this collaborative endeavor, culminating in the execution of tangible proof-of-concept projects within an open innovation ecosystem.

By harnessing the collective effort of established industry leaders and agile disruptors, this initiative seeks to accelerate the widespread adoption of circularity principles, fostering a more robust and environmentally responsible business landscape.

IKEA Switzerland: waste to resource

IKEA Switzerland is participating in our Circular Economy Initiative and has launched a dedicated project to address one of the biggest sustainability challenges of our time - repurposing treated wood waste. This project is not just about waste management; it aims to revolutionize the way we perceive waste, turning it into a valuable resource.


The Circularity Gap Report Switzerland

After more than a year of intensive collaboration, we launched the Circularity Gap Report Switzerland 2023. Based on a global methodology, the report allows us to understand and compare how much virgin materials are being reused in Switzerland's economy.

In theory, 93.1% is the potential to be reused, but this includes one-third of reserves and stocks which is infrastructure induced by our growth. But if we only look at non-circular inputs and biomass, we see an opportunity to become quickly much better. This is not only an environmental imperative, but also a business opportunity. Use longer (repair), use again (take back, rental) and make clean (move away from non-circular inputs) is something consumers appreciate.

All our


Finance & Insurance

Based in one of the world’s leading financial cities, Kickstart is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in the finance and insurance sector.

Food &

Disruptive solutions tackling challenges in the Food and Retail sector to create positive impact on the current climate and health crises.

Health & Wellbeing

Innovative solutions that feed Switzerland's dynamic and rapidly developing startup landscape in the digital health sector.



We encourage, select and coach intrapreneurship teams of our partner companies to grow from prototype to a scaled solution.

New Work & Learning

Tackling the shifts that are influencing organizational work and the new cultures of learning by enabling innovative solutions and industry leaders for sustainable development.



Sustainable urbanization is key to successful development. Kickstart works to advance smart technology of businesses and cities.

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