Are you a startup or scaleup? Kickstart offers you the possibility to scale your business predominantly in Switzerland and Europe through its open innovation program, which drives partnerships between startups and Swiss corporations, foundations, and institutions (public and private sector).
As a corporate, foundation, or institution, you have the opportunity to be involved in Kickstart as a partner and foster innovation within your organization and the larger/wider ecosystem. With Kickstart you will be able to define your individual innovation opportunities and select as well as collaborate with cutting-edge startups and scaleups that can bring solutions to your business needs. Through participation in the Kickstart program partners sit around the same table, exchange, learn from each other and even co-create on projects. To foster innovation in the larger ecosystem, Kickstart also works with its partners on custom initiatives tailored to drive specific corporate innovation needs.
Kickstart is made possible through the combined efforts of our amazing community! Find and connect with advisors, experts and executives.

Since 2015


One of the Largest European Open Innovation Platforms

Kickstart accelerates commercial partnerships between startups, leading corporations and institutions

Kickstart is an ecosystem innovation platform that bridges the gap between startups, corporations, cities, foundations and universities to accelerate partnerships and deep tech innovation. This requires unprecedented collaboration between established organisations and the most audacious entrepreneurs to solve humanity’s biggest challenges through innovation in science and technology. 

Kickstart’s core program brings together these entrepreneurs with industry partners to collaborate on Proofs of Concept (PoC), pilot projects, commercial partnerships and other innovation opportunities.

Since Kickstart was founded in 2015, it has facilitated over 170 partnerships and supported over 270 startups in scaling in Switzerland through its program.

Focus Areas

Kickstart works within focus areas to give both startups and partners the most tailored opportunity possible. Currently, Kickstart’s focus areas are: