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Join Kickstart as a startup

Each year, over 100 entrepreneurs representing 50 top quality startups are selected to join our intense 10-week open innovation program to scale their business through deals with our partner organizations.

What we offer for startups

Zero equity taken from startups

Access to c-level executives & decision makers

Business mentoring & development

Access to regional & international innovation ecosystem

Access to partnership fund

Tangible outcomes & high potential partnerships

Connections to investors and industry buyers

Showcases, networking and community events

Media exposure

Access to experts and industry-specific advisors



So far we have facilitated over 310 publicly announced commercial partnerships bringing  added value to more than 100 organizations. Meanwhile we’ve supported more than 450 startups from over 80 countries in scaling. Our alumni have raised over CHF 2.5 billion.


CHF Raised by Kickstarters

Deals (PoCs and commercial project)

Partner organisations involved




Case studies

PostFinance created a digital coaching program on the Cognician platform

PostFinance and Cognician’s PoC produced exciting results in helping learners reach predefined program learning outcomes. Agile collaboration was key in activating learners’ commitment and planning, to ensure they got maximum value from this blended learning solution. Read the case study here

Program overview and timeline

Prior to the open call for startups in April, the Kickstart team work closely with our partners to identify their pain points, challenges, and interests, which ultimately determine solutions we scout for. This approach increases the likelihood of synergies between our partners and startups, and the probability of a successful PoC or commercial project. 


The timeline below exhibits the high level timeframe of the program for startups:

Applications open

Scouting phase opened on April 17th !



Screening and evaluation of applicants done by an exclusive jury of Kickstart partners and experts. Includes Partner Safari networking event and Final Selection.


Planning sprint

Includes the Opening Ceremony, Executive dinner in Zurich and a week of intense 1:1s and cross-vertical engagement.


Collaboration sprint

Focus on the creation and securement of partnerships/PoCs between partners and startups, through Kickstart facilitation. Also includes additional events such as Investor Summit and Executive Dinners in Romandie.


Closing ceremony

Announcement of PoCs/commercial projects confirmed and celebration of the end of the program.

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