Kickstart supports your startup in scaling your business in Switzerland. Each year we run an open innovation program, affectionately known as a collaboration sprint, in Switzerland. The program brings together later-stage startups with corporations, foundations, universities and cities in order to forge meaningful partnerships and foster deep tech innovation. Kickstart has a global scope and 70% of startups are international, while 30% are Swiss businesses that are developing and/or applying deep technologies.


What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a yearly run ecosystem innovation program in Switzerland.
Each year, we connect late-stage startups from all over the world with Swiss corporations and institutions (our partners).
Focus Areas
Our partners are looking for tech startups in the areas of: EdTech & New Work, HealthTech, FinTech & InsurTech, Food & Retail Tech, Smart City & Technology as well as Circular Economy.
The program features a period between September and November, where startups meet our partners on-site in Switzerland to work on their partnerships – no worries, we know you’re busy and we make this as efficient as possible, no need to spend all of the time in Switzerland.
Our main KPI is the number of successful partnerships we realise during the program – we care about your success.
By partnerships, we mean pre-proof-of-concept, proof-of-concept, pilot or commercial projects. So you’ll really get your hands dirty with our partners and work towards long-lasting relationships.
We do not focus on early-stage startups but on more mature startups ready to collaborate with big corporations (eg. existing product, experience working with B2B customers).

What is in for you!

High potential for partnerships as our paying partners are actively looking for solutions – your chance to set foot in Switzerland.
Access to C-Level Executives
Access to a host of senior executives and decision makers.
Business Develop
Kickstart is basically your business developer, we know what our partners need and we connect them with you as we are convinced you are the right match.
Fun :)
And finally, it’s actually fun as well.

What we offer

No equity and no fees
The program is fully funded by our partners, we do not take equity or any fees.
Access to Partnership Fund
Kickstart created a fund and has set aside a budget to work on initial pilot projects or proofs-of-concept with you, making sure the projects are funded.
Collaboration training and facilitation
Your personal advisor
An advisor supports you while visiting Switzerland with access to her/his network and shares market knowledge.
Access to experts
You might want to engage with our experts on 1:1 basis to tackle questions in specific areas (eg. market entry, legal and ip, branding and communications).
Connection to investors
While not a focus, Kickstart has access to a broad network of investors, VC funds and family offices, your chance to connect for the next round.
Free office space and infrastructure
Work at our beautiful locations while visiting Switzerland.
Networking and community events
Immerse into the Swiss innovation ecosystem with networking and community-building events throughout the program and create strong bonds with fellow startups.
Media exposure
Be covered in various local and national media outlets, newsletters and on social media.
Swiss startup and innovation ecosystem



Applications are welcome from startups based anywhere in the world or within Switzerland, provided they meet these requirements:

  • A product or technology is available (preferably with patent)
  • Previous investment has been secured
  • The venture is ready for collaboration with Kickstart partners
  • At least one of the founders or senior executives to be present during key events (Final Selection, Planning Sprint, CEO Dinner, Opening and Closing Ceremony, key partnership negotiations)
  • At least one team member to be present 50% during the whole Collaboration Sprint

As well as a promising product or technology in one of the following sectors:

EdTech & New Work

FinTech & InsurTech

Food & Retail Tech

Smart City & Technology


Circular Economy

Apply Here

Focus Areas

Check out the Focus Areas, there you'll learn more about: 

  • Which Partners are joining the Focus Area
  • The Collaboration Opportunities in the Verticals
  • The Technologies we are focusing on.


The selection of participating startups will be based on the following criteria

Presence of business & technological knowledge. Diverse, innovative and with a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
Product with critical mass of user or proven technology. Having revenue is an advantage.
Promising and innovative product or technology that has the potential to disrupt industries and sectors.
Collaboration readiness
Potential to enter into PoC or other partnership with one (or more) partners.
Ambitious and convincing roadmap.

All applications are reviewed and selected by our partners, experts and the Kickstart team.


Apr 15 - Jun 8

Applications open for startups

Jul 6 - 8

Final Selection

Aug 31 - Sep 4

1:1 Planning Sprint

Sep 5 - Nov 6


Nov 5

Closing Ceremony

Kickstart Startups

EdTech & New Work

Time is Ltd.

Time is Ltd. is an advanced analytical SaaS platform for data-driven business leaders with a holistic approach to organizational productivity, communication culture, and digital collaboration setup.

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Gravity Global AG

GRAVITY brings gaming insights to enterprise apps to effectively train employees and save 90% of enterprise learning costs..

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SkillGym makes soft skills development scalable and engaging through AI-driven Digital Role Play to practice conversations that matter.

Visit website

Coorpacademy disrupts Corporate Digital Learning with its premium hub content and Learning Experience Platform, used by global leading brands for all their employees.

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HRForecast GmbH

HRForecast provides BigData answers and AI-solutions for people and organisations to be prepared for the future of work.

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Sharpist GmbH

Sharpist is the outcome-driven platform for people development powered by digital coaching.

Visit website

Innential is a data-driven corporate learning platform, creating personalised learning experiences for individuals.

Visit website

BOOKR Kids is a unique reading-based edutainment tool, designed to engage and delight the youngest learners in reading.

Visit website

FinTech & InsurTech

tilbago AG

tilbago enables creditors to efficiently and effectively collect debt online.

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LAMIE direkt

LAMIE is a full-stack InsurTECH empowering corporates to create digital insurance solutions within their existing ecosystem.

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Omocom offers innovative and fully digital insurance solutions for circular economy platforms including renting, sharing, leasing, resale (P2P, B2B, B2C).

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TerminApp GmbH - TIMIFY

TIMIFY is an online solution for online booking, scheduling and resource management for small, medium and large companies.

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decentriq enables the use of sensitive data from other organisations while provably guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of these data.

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The Ratyng Agency takes credit ratings from wall street to main street, helping companies find better business partners.

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Yova AG

Yova offers investments that combine sustainability impact with attractive returns – everything is digital, easy to understand, and transparent.

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MotionsCloud helps home & car insurance companies to streamline & automate claims processes powered by AI computer vision tech modules.

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Keyless Technologies

The Keyless Cloud Platform empowers businesses to embrace passwordless, protect their remote workforce and enable strong customer authentication with just a look.

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Build38 GmbH

Build38 secures business in the APP world against online fraud and data breaches.

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Food & Retail Tech


Novolyze improves safety, quality and sustainability of food production.

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iSense AG

IsenseTM complements flavor artistry with sensory data, analytics and the first cloud-based flavor collection management system.

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Bergfalke GmbH

Alpengummi is the first natural chewing gum of the Alps, only made of renewable resources and therefore free of plastics, artificial sweeteners and other possibly harmful ingredients.

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livealytics AG

livealytics provides IoT and analytics as a service for municipalities, real estate, live marketing, retail space, and trade shows.

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Vital Vio, Inc.

Vital Vio, Inc.® is a health tech company and the creator of single-diode antimicrobial LED light technology (non-UV) that is safe for use in homes, public places and industry to create environments that are inhospitable to the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and mildew.

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Ai Palette

Ai Palette helps companies in product innovation by predicting food trends in realtime using AI & machine learning.

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Prognolite supports restaurants in reducing food waste and optimizing staff planning by predicting future demand thanks to machine learning algorithms.

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Boost Biomes

Boost Biomes is developing microbial treatments for food & agriculture to extend shelf life and increase crop yields.

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Greendeck uses AI to help retailers and brands with price optimisation and competitor monitoring.

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Pryv SA

Pryv is a solid foundation on which businesses build their own digital health solution, so they can collect, store, share and rightfully use personal data.

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Kaia Health Software GmbH

Kaia Health is a digital therapeutics company that creates accessible, evidence-based treatments for a range of disorders including back pain, knee and hip pain, and COPD.

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Sidekick is a Nordic digital therapeutics company, providing support to people with a wide range of chronic illnesses.

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mementor develops digital health applications in the field of sleep medicine and related medical areas.

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Klenico AG

Klenico supports healthcare professionals and patients in diagnosing mental disorders.

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Our AI-powered health companion reacts on your behavior in nutrition & exercise and analyses your symptoms to help you influencing your health in a new way.

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HelloBetter empowers people to independently maintain and improve their mental health, by providing them with evidence-based digital solutions.

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Smart City & Technology


Greyparrot provides AI-based waste recognition software to monitor and sort recyclables at scale.

Visit website

FAAREN enables all car dealers to become car subscription providers and offer their vehicles through the FAAREN marketplace to end customers.

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Peter Park System GmbH

Peter Park transforms parking lots into mobility hubs by providing parking lot operators with automatic license plate recognition, cloud-based software and the integration of parking apps.

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Neustark AG

Neustark developes a containerized solution to store CO2 in construction materials.

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HeatNeutral Sagl

Heatneutral produces the worlds most efficient, cost effective and scalable heating system for homes and industry powered by CO2 neutral fuels.

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Mobbot creates 3D concrete printing for sustainable infrastructures.

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Animatico AG

Animatico creates interactive avatars for a seamless interaction with digital devices.

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InstaDeep Ltd

InstaDeep develops AI products and bespoke solutions for enterprise clients focusing on decision-making systems that solve existing problems across a range of industries using advanced ML, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning.

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lab360 (Energie 360°)

lab360 - creating the hydrogen energy future.

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WoWMi (Migros)

WoWMi – THE BEAUTY TIMEOUT – offers stressed women a timeout experience where they can enjoy a broad range of professional and personalized beauty and wellness treatments combined with various services at one place.

Atendo (Holcim)

Atendo is our answer to extract the required data from a tender document digitally and provide material prices with one click.

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The Ginius Way (Swisscom)

The Ginius Way gives you time for the important things in life by taking care of your daily tasks and chores.

Check&Connect (Mobiliar)

Check&Connect helps SMEs to easily and cost-effectively identify their cyber-vulnerabilities by connecting them to trusted partners with cyber expertise to resolve them preventively.

CliMate (Swisscom)

CliMate motivates people to live more sustainable, by providing a community-driven platform dedicated to environment-friendly challenges.

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Roady (Swisscom)

Roady: We help to navigate your travel to the places that are to your taste and liking.

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Ormera (Postfinance)

Ormera is a blockchain based meter-to-cash solution that automates the entire billing process of self-produced energy.

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#digitalreal (Mobiliar)

#digitalreal is a measure by Mobiliar that is intended to raise public awareness around the topic of cyber risk.