The Kickstart Intrapreneurship Program is the perfect opportunity for corporate teams to ideate on, validate, test and scale products or services in a real world scenario. Teams receive coaching and have access to an extensive network of experts who support them reaching their milestones faster. Potential partners from our ecosystem are ready to discuss collaboration opportunities - making the Kickstart Intrapreneurship an unrivaled opportunity for an innovative venture.


Migros launches Oliq  

An intrapreneurship team of Mibelle Group, a subsidiary of Migros, launched Oliq. The oral spray, which contains minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, aims to disrupt the dietary supplements market. Oliq emerged from the internal project Columbus, where intrapreneurs explore new businesses. They decided to apply for Kickstart to accelerate the process of Oliq, make it more like a startup and receive the outside view.

AXA launches Upto

During Kickstart, an intrapreneurship team from AXA worked on a car subscription service at an attractive “all-inclusive” price and with a sharing option. During the program they successfully launched a pilot. In summer 2018 AXA decided to move forward with the project. The service was officially launched under the name UPTO and is running and growing successfully since then.


“Kickstart  is an amazing tool also for intrapreneurs to get an unforeseen speed into the project!”

Heiko Spitzbarth, OLIQ, Migros Intrapreneur

“There are many tasks that lie outside our comfort zone. But our project had reached a point where it needed new inputs. We see the time at Kickstart as an opportunity to push the project forward intensively.”

Michael Meier, Club School Migros, Migros Intrapreneur

“At Kickstart we are able to experiment, learn, change direction, experiment and learn again in a short period of time with as much flexibility as possible” 

Samer Alshamkany, BankPay, Credit Suisse Intrapreneur