Amidst the global pandemic, global healthcare funding hit a record in 2020 and healthcare technology companies raised a record of $15.3 billion in 2020*, and for the first time digital health companies surpassed biopharma for the number of deals. Switzerland has a dynamic, rapidly developing startup landscape in the digital health sector with major pharmaceutical companies, insurance players, hospitals and medtech companies investing in healthtech innovation. The digitalization of health is necessary to provide access to personalized and connected care. 

Kickstart’s HealthTech Vertical, co-founded by Swiss Healthcare Startups in 2019, is interested in innovative digital health startups with a validated business-model and the potential to disrupt the healthcare industry. We welcome startups that are eager to enter the Swiss market or scale in Switzerland who provide new services, products, or software that help reshape medical related processes, care coordination, health data, lifestyle innovation, wellness and disease management.


collaboration opportunities

  • Lifestyle Innovation/Prevention: mental health, mindfulness, women's health, sleep, nutrition, fitness, digital health coaching, agetech, children's health, etc.
  • Care Coordination, eg. remote monitoring, outpatient care, chronic disease management (diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Health System and Process Optimization: process optimization, automated processes, fraud detection/management, conversational interfaces (chatbots), health systems coordination, etc.
  • Health Data: health scores & measurement tools, engagement solutions (loyalty programs), etc.
  • Health & Wealth: eldercare financial provisions (pension, retirement, etc.), health data banking, health crowdfunding services, etc.
  • Diagnostics: dental innovation, on-demand solutions (at home testing), etc.
  • Corporate Wellbeing Management: employee wellness, e-learning solutions, etc.
Download the full list of collaboration opportunities here