With the 4th industrial revolution and the impact of the pandemic, the World Economic Forum estimates that 50% of the workforce will need reskilling by 2025. This poses a demand for employers to innovate how they support their employees in learning new skills to stay competitive. 

With Switzerland being known for quality education and a highly qualified workforce, innovation in learning and the ways we work are key to staying globally relevant. The EdTech & New Work Vertical focuses on the needs of companies, institutions, and foundation to ensure that people can learn skills needed in today’s changing world, but also that workplaces can be efficient during times of change. 

In this vertical, we accelerate innovations through proof of concept and pilot projects between edtech startups, corporations, foundations, schools, and universities. 


Collaboration Opportunities

  • New Ways of Working
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate & Lifelong Learning
  • EdTech & Schools
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