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Kickstart Weekly Digest #8

Weekly Digests are shared during the 10-week Kickstart program to keep our community up to date on exciting news, announcements, and updates from Kickstart, our partners, and our startups and alumni. View in browser here.

Happy Friday, Kickstart Family!

This week, we hosted our annual Advisor & Expert Networking Event, celebrating our community of over 150 advisors and experts who have supported our scaleups and intrapreneurship teams throughout the 10-week program. The evening consisted of Kickstart Bingo, breakout sessions, and of course, a delicious aperó catered by #Kickstarter16 Dalou!

Yesterday we spotlighted our 2022 Intrapreneurship teams at the Kickstart Intrapreneurship Demo Day, to celebrate their growth and achievements throughout the program. Teams from CSEM, Swisscom, Hirslanden, La Mobilière and EPFL took the stage to present the projects they have been working on to a crowd of partners, coaches, advisors, and experts. We also had a fireside chat with Markus Wolf, Head of Open Innovation at La Mobilière and Intrapreneurship program alumnus.

If you would like to get a headstart on your Christmas shopping, we have collated some cool gift ideas below from our Kickstarters to give you inspiration for the season of giving!

This is the 8th and final Weekly Digest of 2022, with the Kickstart Closing Ceremony & Party next Thursday, 17th November. Come join us for an evening of celebration, announcements, and fun to mark the end of the 2022 program. We hope to see you there.

As always, thank you for being part of this adventure!


Vertical Vision 👀

Finance & Insurance

Smart Cities

  • The Office of Electronic Communications (Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej) granted CTHINGS.CO official permission to operate a private 5G network at the fair that showcases the potential of the new connectivity standard for industrial applications.

  • SolarGaps accomplished a project with RENÉ Architekt in Zürich, in which their Smart Blinds solution was installed in their newly designed buildings.

  • Naked Energy was distinguished with the Climate Positive Award 2022, due to their market-leading products supporting an equitable and fair energy transition.

  • Nudgd announced their collaboration with Rimi Baltic Group as part of the Future Hub program for innovative digital solutions by Helve.

New Work & Learning

Health & Wellbeing

Food & Retail


Main Events 🗓

Vertical Journeys & more on our website here.

Kickstart Investor Summit - 15 November 2022 @ Virtual Event (invite only)


#Kickstarter22 Spotlight: fin:marie interview here.


Christmas Inspiration 🎁

In order:

1) #Kickstarter22 New Roots - Vegan Raclette - CHF 7,20

2) #Kickstarter22 fin:marie - Finanzen sind Weiblich - CHF 39,90

3) #Kickstarter21 tideocean - Sustainable Dominos - CHF 29,00


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to come!

Best wishes,

Alanna Murphy | Senior Program Manager


26 June 2024


Category Name

How food trends are contributing to a more sustainable future

How food trends are contributing to a more sustainable future

6 June 2024


Category Name

How a mobility platform brings about a sustainable change in transport modes: Nudgd Success Story

How a mobility platform brings about a sustainable change in transport modes: Nudgd Success Story

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