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InsurTech Map gets a revamp in Q3, plus 5 new companies!

InsurTech Map is thrilled to announce the addition of the following 5 startups, joining over 200 InsurTech companies representing the DACH region, and their innovation across the insurance value chain. Introducing...🥁

Balance Re 🇩🇪 provides reinsurance solutions to life insurance companies. Their proprietary technology enables the assessment and measurement of risks consistently and facilitates real-time data analysis.

Enzo 🇩🇪 provides modern and holistic protection for homeowners. Instead of just reacting to claims, Enzo takes a proactive customer-focused approach to prevent damages from happening at all. Enzo technology creates a 3D model of your house that will allow the creation of a customized insurance offer.

Ledgertech 🇨🇭 a digital insurance technology company providing a Low code/No code Insurtech platform for MGA As A Service (MAAS).

tigerlab 🇨🇭 offers an Embedded Insurance Solution that enables retailers to easily integrate insurance into their current product portfolio, increasing revenue while providing a cost-effective way for insurers to enter new distribution channels.

VALU-X 🇩🇪 enables banks to successfully sell value-added products to their customers to remain relevant and increase their earnings.

Over the past quarter, we have focused on evolving the Map by introducing a number of new features to improve user experience, site navigation, as well as enhancing the startup profiles. These new functionalities include a listed format option to visualize the InsurTech startups in a structured way, as well as a more detailed profile view when clicking on a company. Check it out and let us know what you think! 💭

To join this incredible community or nominate an InsurTech startup, head to 👉🏼

Many thanks and see you next quarter! 🚀

The InsurTech Map Team

Ruth Armalé, Katka Letzing, Alanna Murphy, Michèle Richner, Marc Oliver Hauser, Andreas Iten, Gabriela Trujillo, Mathias Vazquez Rodriguez, F10 Incubator & Accelerator, Kickstart Innovation, HITS - House of Insurtech Switzerland

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5 Sept 2023


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22 Aug 2023


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Innovation ist, wenn der Kreis sich schliesst.

Innovation ist, wenn der Kreis sich schliesst.

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