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Book Launch: Kickstarting Collaboration

The deep technology age requires much more collaboration between unlikely allies. Yet, collaboration is hard. The book “Kickstarting Collaboration” is building on research from ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen, case studies from Kickstart Accelerator, as well as many more experiences from digitalswitzerland, University of Zurich, corporates and startups to provide hands-on recommendations for partnering between deep tech startups and large organizations.

Kickstarting Collaboration – How to create successful partnerships between high-growth startups and established organizations. Published in November 2018 by Kickstart Accelerator and digitalswitzerland.


Start with “Why (this book)”

Key learnings from hundreds of innovation partnerships

Deep Tech Nation – digitalswitzerland and the Swiss Innovation Ecosystem

The taxonomy of startup-corporate collaboration

When David and Goliath innovate together: How to harness the tensions in alliances between startups and corporates

Collaborations between Corporates and Startups: Three questions to Daniel Ginter

The Kickstart Accelerator Model

Cases of Collaborations

Outlook to Volume 2

Unlikely Allies? – Collaborations between universities and technology startups


Dr. Christoph Birkholz, Kickstart Accelerator & Impact Hub Zürich; Nicolas Bürer, digitalswitzerland; Daniel Ginter, digitalswitzerland; Prof. Dr. Gudela Grote, ETH Zurich; Katka Letzing, Kickstart Accelerator; Dr. Maria Olivares, University of Zurich; Lukas Peter, Swisscom & University of t. Gallen; Dr. Jennifer Sparr, ETH Zurich; Katrin Winiarski, University of Zurich; Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Swisscom.

21 Nov 2022


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Kickstart 2022 achieves 55+ new innovation partnerships

Kickstart 2022 achieves 55+ new innovation partnerships

11 Nov 2022


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Kickstart Weekly Digest #8

Kickstart Weekly Digest #8

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