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Join Kickstart as an organization

Corporate and institutional partners join Kickstart to leverage and cultivate open innovation to develop new products, services and solutions.

With our platform, we connect international later-stage tech startups with leading corporates and institutions, grow intrapreneurship teams and push an open innovation culture on all levels.

What we offer for organizations

Higher quality and speed working with later stage startups through structured partnership acceleration process

Open innovation is a creative process that is difficult to manage. However, lack of structure in innovation processes increases unclarity, leaves stakeholders uncoordinated and slows down the generating of results. Kickstart’s Partnership Acceleration Process is easy to understand, communicate and follow: Topic scoping, startup scouting & matching, partnership negotiating, PoC delivery, demonstrations and PoC scaling to products and services are pre-structured, yet flexible for different organizational contexts.


The Partnership Acceleration Process typically generates: 

  • Proofs of Concept (PoCs) & pilot projects

  • Pre-PoCs

  • R&D collaborations

  • Commercial partnerships

Cross-industry and cross-sector knowledge transfer, and best practice sharing

Kickstart convenes established organizations across industries and sectors, with our partners learning how to approach innovation through collaborations from leaders of other industries, as well as across private, public and even philanthropic sector boundaries.

Media exposure through our multiple social media channels and collaboration with your pr & comms department

Media Coverage includes:

  • Over 500 ​articles and media clippings including ​Forbes, Guardian, Bloomberg, Financial Times, SRF, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Handelszeitung, Le Temps, RSI, and others covering Kickstart

  • 100k website page visitors annually

  • 12k followers ​on ​Social ​Media > Constant growth on all channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

  • Yearly reach on Social ​Media: 3+ million across all channels

  • Newsletters: Regular newsletters and Weekly Digests during program

  • 1-2 Blog posts per month

C-level engagement with participation of Switzerland’s top CEOs

Accelerating internal innovation and product development projects and increasing entrepreneurial capabilities of corporate managers

The Kickstart Intrapreneurship Program is the perfect opportunity for corporate teams to ideate on, validate, test and scale products or services in a real world scenario. Teams receive coaching and have access to an extensive network of experts who support them reaching their milestones faster. Potential partners from our ecosystem are ready to discuss collaboration opportunities - making the Kickstart Intrapreneurship an unrivaled opportunity for an innovative venture.

Tangible and successful outputs to demonstrate the innovation capacity and attract top talents

Kickstart facilitates corporate-startup collaboration, as we know it is an essential step to changing the culture, encouraging and inspiring proactive development and testing of new ideas and sustainable innovation.

Deals connected to SDGs

Corporate partnerships

Deals secured since 2016




Case studies

Solution rolled out to over 250 agencies

AXA and Veezoo implemented a conversational artificial intelligence solution to analyze and visualize company data in seconds. The goal was to reduce reporting backlog by hundreds of hours per month to enable the management to make more informed decisions.

The partnership resulted in the roll out of Veezoo's solution to more than 250 AXA agencies, used by over 1800 agents. By September 2020, Veezoo collected over 15'000 queries from AXA employees.

All our


Finance & Insurance

Based in one of the world’s leading financial cities, Kickstart is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in the finance and insurance sector.

Food &

Disruptive solutions tackling challenges in the Food and Retail sector to create positive impact on the current climate and health crises.

Health & Wellbeing

Innovative solutions that feed Switzerland's dynamic and rapidly developing startup landscape in the digital health sector.



We encourage, select and coach intrapreneurship teams of our partner companies to grow from prototype to a scaled solution.

New Work & Learning

Tackling the shifts that are influencing organizational work and the new cultures of learning by enabling innovative solutions and industry leaders for sustainable development.



Sustainable urbanization is key to successful development. Kickstart works to advance smart technology of businesses and cities.

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Katka Letzing

Katka Letzing

CEO & Co-Founder

Fritz Seidel

Fritz Seidel

Intrapreneurship Expert

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