Almost halfway through!

September 16 2016


Startup insights into the life at Kickstart Accelerator

Life at Kickstart Accelerator is heating up and some of the #kickstarters16 are feeling the burn with Midterm Demo Day looming less than a week away. With backstage access to the action, we decided to find out how the entrepreneurs are holding up and get a more personal perspective of life at Kickstart Accelerator.

Luis and his team from Mergims, a Rwandan start-up in the Fintech vertical, are feeling positive about the upcoming deadline especially with the “needed push” they received from the experts to transition from “proof of concept to viable business model status.”  Life at the #kickerstarters16 hostel has them feeling like they are back in their college days spending late nights dreaming about possibilities.

Unlike their African peers Piomic, a local startup in the Future and Emerging Technologies vertical, knows Zürich well and was excited to discuss the lunchtime food trucks that arrive each day to feed the throng of hungry entrepreneurs. Piomic’s unanimous favorite: the Sri Lankan Kottu Roti. When not discussing the superlatives of Kottu Roti, Piomic is pushing to finish the clinical prototype of their device. This will allow them to take the next step in being granted permission to test their device in clinical trials based in Switzerland.

Equally busy, Viscopic, from the Smart and Connected Machines vertical, is a startup on the move. We were able to secure few minutes with them to discuss their focus for the Midterm Demo day. Presenting well is their first objective as they hope to impress important, potential contacts who could help further and improve their pilot project. Viscopic appreciates the cohesive work environment created by like-minded people all striving to accelerate their innovative ideas.

Social entrepreneurs Project Aqua, from the Food vertical, couldn’t agree more about what an incredible ecosystem Kickstart Accelerator has created by bringing together 30 startups – that’s over 90 entrepreneurs! They are enthusiastic about the opportunity the Midterm Demo Day gives them to share their business model with influential people and scale it with the intention of helping more people. “Time is flying” and the startup plans to use the midterm date to look back on what they have achieved and project what they want to achieve in the remaining time left. Project Aqua has been particularly thrilled that the Zürich Street Food Festival coincides with their time at Kickstart Accelerator.

Sound interesting? Come and have a look for yourself! View days left to sign-up for the exclusive Midterm Demo Day Morning Session at ewz-Unterwerk Selnau, Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zürich. Space is limited, see you!