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Climate Positive Mission

Many forward-looking companies have defined strategies and related activities to achieve goals such as net zero and climate positive. These activities often provide opportunities for innovation both in product and service development and in evolving the business model itself. Opportunities such as these require both a purposeful approach and a long-term evolutionary perspective

The Climate Positive Mission as a long-term partner:  With the Climate Positive Mission, we intend to extend our support for this long-term perspective. We offer a comprehensive framework that goes beyond simply achieving net zero. We'll help you navigate the complexities of climate-positive strategies, identify and unlock innovation opportunities, and connect you with a network of sustainability leaders.

Emerging organizations in our alumni network are already pioneering new solutions. For instance, biomimicry inspires sustainable materials development, while circular economy principles lead to closed-loop production systems that minimize food waste. Furthermore, harnessing renewable energy sources and exploring carbon capture technologies can be cornerstones of climate-positive strategies.

By joining the Climate Positive Mission, organizations access extensive support to help achieve their 2030 and 2050 sustainability goals. We are providing tailored strategic workshops, connections with industry-leading experts for one-on-one consultations, and support for pilot projects with incredibly innovative startups from around the globe.

Sustainability-led innovation in the Verticals

In the past years, in our five verticals, we have worked to facilitate the rapid implementation of sustainability-driven innovation in our partners' day-to-day operations - almost 60% of all our deals were based on Sustainability and Circular Economy challenges such as upcycling side streams, plant-based food alternatives, clean energy production, reducing food waste, solutions to support elderly people, and many more. Every year, we focus on more than 150 collaboration opportunities, many supporting more resilient and sustainable business activities and positive impact on people and the planet.




Initiatives in the Climate Positive Mission

The Climate Positive Mission's long-term perspective gives birth to specific collective initiatives designed to support multiple organizations in collectively identifying and deploying pilot projects that address hard-to-solve challenges and materialize practical opportunities to contribute to sustainability goals. These projects tackle complex sustainability challenges and empower multiple organizations to contribute practical solutions.

Partnering organizations can amplify their impact by co-creating unique projects to address highly specific challenges.


Currently active initiatives:

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