Advisors and Experts

Advisors and Experts play a crucial role in Kickstart. They are a key factor in supporting the starups with expertise, guidance, and advise. 

We think of advising as building a relationship with someone who accompanies and inspires a startup along its journey. Our Advisors have a track record as an entrepreneur and want to share their knowledge and experiences.
Kickstart Experts are individuals with in-depth knowledge related to either a specific industry, or specific topics, methodologies or technologies.



As a Kickstart Expert...

As a Kickstart Advisor...
You provide the startup with actionable advice and challenge him/her in a constructive way. You are genuinely motivated to work with entrepreneurs and give your best to support the development of the startup. You are a guide, who shares his/her knowledge and experience and who does not try to control, but acknowledges that the teams have to make their own decisions. You are a door-opener who connects with his/her networks when appropriate. You provide the startup with actionable advice and challenge him/her in a constructive way. Access to a wide network of other experts, advisors, investors, corporate partners, and many more.
As a Kickstart Expert
Experts engage with startups in 1 on 1 sessions (online or in person). It is up to every expert to decide on how much he/she wants to invest. As a reference figure he/she should be prepared to spend an average of 8 hours throughout the entire duration of the program for all startups. Experts are primarily motivated to work with the entrepreneurs, not to find clients in their startups for the expert’s own business.

What's in it for me?

  • Exposure on our website and on our social media channels.  
  • Tickets to all major events and other workshop-style events.
  • Ecosystem networking and recognition. 


The selection for Advisors happens after the startups are selected based on relevance. 


The Kickstart program focuses on innovation areas in which Switzerland has a competitive advantage. We are looking for startups that are developing and/or applying deep technologies in and around the areas of EdTech & New Work, FinTech & InsurTech, Food & Retail Tech, Smart City & Technology, HealthTech and Circular Economy as a special initiative starting in 2020.

We are also accepting applications from intrapreneurship teams from the organisations of our partners. The main part of the program will be running at Kraftwerk in Zurich from September to November 2020.

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