Selected publications

Book about Kickstarting Collaboration

Coming from both the startup and the corporate world, we have witnessed, participated in, enabled or led hundreds of collaborative projects between startups and corporates.

This book draws from these experiences, building on research from ETH Zurich and University of St.Gallen, case studies from the Kickstart Accelerator, as well as many more experiences from digitalswitzerland, University of Zurich, corporates and startups to provide hands-on recommendations for partnering between deep tech startups and large organizations.

Book about Ecosystem Innovation

In this book, a seclection of Kickstart experts talk about the central aspects of Ecosystem Innovation.

It is the follow-up of Volume 1 “Kickstarting Collaboration”. Here, we draw significantly from the experiences, best practices and failures of the Kickstart Program, one of the largest programs for ecosystem innovation. However, you will also find articles beyond Kickstart inspired by corporates, startups, consulting and academia. Some articles are personal accounts, others are rigorously researched pieces. Yet, all articles are highly applied with practical learnings and recommendations for engaging in ecosystem innovation.