Data futures and Sustainability

Kickstart Team
November 11 2021
Talk from our series "Sustainability is better business" by Nate Wyne from Floodlight Invest about the Data Industry and it's connection to sustainability.

Everyone says data is the new oil, but oil was simple. You light it on fire and then harness its energy. Data is much more challenging, because many companies don't have the track record or motivation to even track the data that is most important, let alone the data that could signal to investors "buy me!" or "run for the hills!". In our session with Nate Wyne, Co-founder and CEO of Floodlight - a data company for ESG/Sustainability themed in this year's Kickstart cohort, Nate will walk us through the birth of the data industry for investors, and it's more recent adoption as the hottest trend in FinTech attracting trillions of dollars/francs/pounds/euros etc. each year.


Nate Wyne from Floodlight Invest

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