How pre-competitive trust work can boost demand in a Circular Economy

December 2 2021
Talk from our series "Sustainability is better business" by Jan Maisenbacher (Magicprojects) and Amanda Weibel (Pusch) about the benefits of collaboration across the value-chain.

The Swiss project „Einkaufskompass“ is an initiative bringing companies together in circular economy lighthouse projects. In this session you will learn about the importance of pre-competitive work in value chains and learn from concrete examples: the „Make Mattresses Circular“ (Amanda Weibel from Pusch) and „Workwear Goes Circular“ (Jan Maisenbacher from Einkaufskompass partner Magicprojects). 


Jan Maisenbacher (Magicprojects) and Amanda Weibel (Pusch)

Event details:
02.12.21, 3-3.45pm
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