Driving sustainability through IT procurement

January 13 2022
Talk from our series "Sustainability is better business" by Barton Finn from TCO Certified about the main values from sustainability certifications for procurement stakeholders.

The sustainable development principles call for a new approach to our way of producing and consuming goods; one that keeps products and materials in high value circulation longer and designs out waste from the system. 
Fuelled by a growing demand from customers, employees and investors, implementing these principles has become key for any public or private organization wanting to stay relevant. In that perspective, procurement has emerged as an important leverage point where significant impact can be achieved.

So, how can procurement integrate these principles to become a strategic driver for change? In this session we will explore some insights regarding current sustainable procurement best-practices, focussing on the example of the IT sector and the progress supported by TCO Certified, the sustainability certification for IT products. 


Barton Finn from TCO Certified
Barton Finn is a Purchaser Engagement Manager at TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified - the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. He focuses on helping the EU institutions as well as purchasing organizations in the Benelux and French-speaking Europe to drive environmental and social responsibility through their IT tenders. His areas of expertise span across technology, (public) procurement and sustainability. Before joining TCO Development, he worked for the European Parliament and more recently within the government affairs department of a major IT company. Barton holds a Master degree in PR, communication and European Affairs.

Event details:
13.01.22, 3-3.45pm
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