Kickstart Webinar with S-GE (Switzerland Global Enterprise)

Arjen Visser
February 25 2021
Our new partner S-GE (Switzerland Global Enterprise) is an expert in helping companies considering internationalization or are already globally active to exploit Switzerland's potential as a location for technological innovation and future growth. Benefit from the great experience, contacts and learn more about their support.

S-GE together with Kickstart are offering two free Webinars for you on 25th February 12:30 CEST. 

Are you a Swiss startup and do you want to take off internationally?

In this presentation we will show you the concrete first steps into exporting your business. We explain which tasks have to be done at which point in time. Further, we will talk about some challenges and how you can master them successfully.

We also show you how Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) can support you on your way to export. As the operator of a global network of experts and as a trusted and strong partner of clients, cantons and the Swiss government, S-GE is the first Swiss point of contact for internationalization issues.

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Are you a foreign startup and want to exploit Switzerland's potential as a location for future growth?

We help you in evaluating Switzerland as a business location for your company’s technological innovation and future growth. Thanks to versatile high-tech clusters, companies in Switzerland are in an excellent position to establish connections with market leaders and innovation drivers and test new applications in an open market, and in a business-minded and safe regulatory environment.

Together with the Swiss Business Hubs across the globe and the cantonal partners in Switzerland, we help companies along the entire site selection and settlement journey. 

Join the global tech community in Switzerland and grow your business!

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S-GE (Switzerland Global Enterprise)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Webinar
Arjen & the Kickstart-Team