Collaboration Update: Veezoo’s Solution is being rolled out to 250 AXA Agencies

Guest Author
June 6 2019
AXA and Veezoo, who have met during the first iteration of Kickstart in 2016, have further extended their successful partnership. Veezoo provides a sales intelligence solution that makes the distribution of one of the biggest Swiss insurers more effective and efficient. Now, AXA rolls out Veezoo’s Augmented Advisory to their non-life tied agents in more than 250 agencies in Switzerland.

by Till Haug, Veezoo

Who would have thought that an informal get together would result in such a successful partnership: Veezoo is a Zurich-based ETH spin-off, that has developed a unique conversational solution based on artificial intelligence, which can analyze large amounts of data in seconds. Similar to Google or Siri, employees can enter a question using a simple input field, which is then answered by the intelligent software based on the available data. For instance: “Which customers were not in touch with us over the last 12 months?”. At the first Kickstart edition in 2016, the young company met with one of Switzerland’s leading insurance companies, AXA, for the first time. For AXA, Veezoo’s technology appeared interesting for many reasons, and, after several months of negotiations, Veezoo and AXA announced a 6 months pilot phase in late summer of 2017.

An efficient and effective solution for the distribution

The following year was in various ways successful for the two partners. At the prestigious EFMA Insurance Awards 2018, AXA and Veezoo jointly won the first prize in the category “Artificial Intelligence”. Meanwhile, their pilot project turned out to be a great success: “Thanks to Veezoo’s conversational solution, our sales partners can quickly and easily find the answers to their many questions – enabling them to serve their customers even more efficiently and effectively,” said Martin Studer, Head of Sales Development & Controlling at AXA.

User feedback during the pilot was highly positive, too: “A sales person is very often not structured in such a way that he or she knows what to select when and where in order to get the right result. The Veezoo technology is exactly what we as sales forces need and makes our work a lot easier”, said an AXA Generalagent.

Overall, the innovative solution of Veezoo helped AXA increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their distribution. The decision was made to put Veezoo into the hands of its sales force employees company wide. Meanwhile it is used to identify customer needs better, increasing the customer happiness and performance of the client advisors.

The secret of a successful partnership

Three years after their first meeting, both sides are extremely happy with their partnership. “Having such a successful relationship is not a given”, said Till Haug, Co-Founder of Veezoo. “I believe the secret is that we always meet at eye-level with transparent communication. We give our very best to see behind AXA’s pain points and address them quickly and properly. Working with AXA has been a pleasure throughout.” Daniel Zöllig, Product Owner Distribution MIS at AXA, agrees: “The cooperation with Veezoo is very successful and uncomplicated. The speed of implementation is impressive. Working together with a startup is an enrichment and generates a refreshing vibe.”

For the two partners it does not seem to stop there. Another evaluation is already ongoing, and Veezoo might be used even more widely spread within AXA in the future. This will certainly not be the last we hear about AXA and Veezoo.