Intrapreneur Success Story: Rent’n’Share to be launched in Autumn 2018

Guest Author
July 20 2018
This year, five (!) intrapreneur teams join us for the program – more than ever before. Meanwhile, there is a great update from one of our alumni teams: Rent’n’Share, the only intrapreneur team from last year’s program, will officially launch in autumn. Here is their story:

In last year’s Kickstart Accelerator, we, a team from AXA, worked on Rent’n’Share, a car subscription service at an attractive “all-inclusive” price and with a sharing option. During the program we successfully launched a pilot, which is still running. Now we are happy to announce that AXA decided to move forward with the project. The aim is to take preorders as of late September and go start the delivery by mid of October – under a new brand.

“The car subscription model of Rent’n’Share has a very convincing value proposition and addresses the markets’ needs. For us as the most innovative insurer in Switzerland, investing in such an offer is very attractive,” says Dominique Kasper, Head of Property & Casualty AXA Switzerland.

The service will start with a small fleet, consisting of a small city car, a family station wagon, an SUV and an electric car. The fixed monthly price will include all fees, taxes, insurance and services, so all the customers have to pay for is parking and fuel/electricity (and the occasional speeding fine). Unlike buying or leasing a car, with Rent’n’Share you are flexible – whenever your life situation changes, you can change your car too.

For us as a corporate team, the Kickstart Accelerator program was very challenging, but extremely helpful and motivating. Mentors, coaches and peers helped to fine-tune our offering, business model and value proposition. We also received a lot of encouragement and feedback on our idea.

As the only intrapreneur team, we tried to get the most out of the program, which we could customize around our needs. The quality and amount of input and especially the speed was overwhelming. Our advice to this year’s intrapreneur teams: Focus on Kickstart and don’t try to split resources between projects or daily routine. And join as many masterclasses, workshops and events as you can.

“Rent’n’Share made large leap forward during the Kickstart program and it was great to work together with them on prototyping their game-changing business model. To see this story going on, is fantastic. I believe that the flexible and ecological concept of renting and sharing cars, that Rent’n’Share has developed, has the potential to successfully change the mobility market dynamics,” says Ruth Armalé, Smart Cities Vertical Lead 2017.

If you would like to find out more about Rent’n’Share and their car renting & sharing project, check out their websiteThis year, Credit Suisse, Migros and Swisscom are bringing intrapreneur teams into the program. Find out more about their projects here.