Future & Emerging Technologies - like Star Trek

Christoph Birkholz
August 3 2016

What is future and emerging technologies? Well, literally… future and emerging technologies. It’s the sort of things imagined in Star Trek, Star Wars and the like. Ok, maybe not that far into the future but definitely things which will impact the world within the next decade.

During the outreach, we received roughly 300 applications from startups all over the world which turned into a gigantic task of screening them transparently and fair. For a decent opinion making, you need to spend at least an hour per application, and that’s a whole lot of Game of Thrones episodes. After slashing the number down (nobody got harmed or killed), we proceeded with 18 teams. Next phase was the jury calls. We locked some brilliant minds into a room and reached out to the selected startups to chat and let’s just say; there was a lot we learned during these three days of jury calls:

Insides we craved knowing and well things we better shouldn’t have heard. It was an emotional roller coaster including hard arguments behind closed doors, genuine joy of experiencing a high degree of professionality, pitches which didn’t lack on humor and much more. It was highly exciting but equally intense and challenging.

So that’s how we ended up with a bunch of Finnish guys, bolting together farming technologies for high-quality alternative proteinsa German duo destined to teach computers the human language and a Swiss crew working their magic on healing woundsA Bulgarian attempt to change the way how we pay for public transporta team from the French-speaking part of Switzerland meshing together veins, watches and IDs and local representatives, a startup introducing blockchain technology ensuring your meds are safe.

All in all a bunch of super smart and talented people building the world of tomorrow! Welcome to the future and the emerging technology vertical.