Food Run - 176 Applications in the Food Vertical

David Emmerth
July 29 2016

From African food bikes running on new technology and engineered microbes to enhance the nutritional quality of fermented food.

It goes without saying, 176 applications from food startups coming from all over the globe were more than we expected for the first version of Kickstart Accelerator. We were amazed about applications from startups creating a high protein algae-based snack, nutraceutical food additives or an online marketplace for artisanal food, just to mention a few.

Why having a food vertical in Kickstart Accelerator?

With an ever-growing world population, we’re in need of finding innovative solutions to nurture everyone today and in the future. So we took this decision for granted to also invite food startups, which are revolutionizing each step from production to distribution, in packaging, services and gastronomy to this Kickstart experience – adding that to the fact of Switzerland’s attractiveness as a location for innovation in the field of food.

At the same time, Kickstart Accelerator is backed by some of Switzerland’s biggest companies including the largest food retailers and producers Migros and Coop. So having them joining forces and providing mentors and experts, we’re also able to offer food startups a rich program in this accelerator.

While upholding their competition, Migros and Coop still support each other in the regional environment. Working with and learning from startups together makes them role models for other corporates worldwide and we’d love to see this in every vertical everywhere.

So it’s a give and take!

The diversity of business ideas submitted was fantastic which also meant that the selection process was going to be hard.

That’s why it took more than 20 people of the Kickstart Accelerator core team, mentors, academia, corporate partners and the wider startup ecosystem of Zürich and Switzerland investing countless hours in selecting the teams with the best fit for Kickstart Accelerator 2016.

The applications came from all over the world.

From Europe, a total of 89 food startups applied. 29 from Switzerland, 5 from Germany, 11 from the UK, 6 from the States, 9 from Africa and 16 from Asia!

And so we are extremely excited to soon welcome the teams of Scoodit, Project Aqua, Food Powder, Pantry Ace, Dalou, Faitron and myAllergy to Zurich.

Let the Kickstart begin!